Do i need to book for public sessions?

Booking is only recommended when you are considering visiting with a large group. This is also an option if you would like to prepay for your visit. However you are more than welcome to attend our sessions without booking prior.

The only exclusion is if you have prepaid credit through out booking system you wish to use.

When are you open for public skating?

Our session times can be found on our Session Page

Whats the difference between skates and blades?

Roller-skates have four wheels in a square pattern, while Roller-blades have a single line of wheels. The choice between Roller-skates and Roller-blades ultimately comes down to personal preference and intended use.

Should i start with skates or blades if i'm new to skating?

Roller-skates may be a good choice if you're looking for stability and support, as the four wheels in a square pattern provide a wider base and more stability than inline skates. Roller-skates are also a good choice if you're interested in artistic or dance skating, as they offer more control and precision for dance movements.
On the other hand, roller-blades may be a good choice if you're interested in speed, agility, or tricks. The single line of wheels provides more maneuverability and speed compared to roller-skates, making them a popular choice for inline hockey, speed skating, and freestyle skating.

What sizes are your skates?

Our skates and blades that are available to hire are adult men's sizes and children's sizes, when you approach our skate hire desk, we have a mat on the floor that will allow you to match your foot size with our available sizes. We recommend that you use this mat to accurately size your feet for our hire equipment.

Our Skates go from kids 6 - adults 15

Our Blades go from kids 12 - adults 14

Do you sell skates?

Yes, as well as blades! We have a small display of the brands and styles available adjacent to the skate hire desk. For enquires about stock and sizes please ask at the canteen counter.

You can also visit our Online Store


Do you have skating lessons for adults?

We have lessons for all ages. Our starting course is a beginner's class that teaches the basics of how to skate. Classes of Levels 1-3, as well as 4-6, are open to all ages however we do offer a teen and adult class through both levels 1-3 and 4-6. Which class is best for you is based on your current skill level.

Can my young child skate (under 5)?

Yes, young children under 5 years old can learn to rollerskate, but it's important to ensure that they have close adult supervision. We do have appropriately sized children's skates for hire. However, it's important to keep in mind that young children are still developing their motor skills and may be more prone to falls and accidents.
Children under 5 do also receive discounts

Can i accompany my child on the skating surface?

Yes you are allowed to help and supervise your child on the rink floor, however, you must adhere to the rules of the rink floor which include no food or drink and no carrying of small children

Our floor guards do also hold the right to ask you to move off the floor if they believe you are impeding others from skating and not directly helping someone

Where do i get frames from

You can get frames from the skate hire although skate hire and entry does not include frame hire, frames are available from $5 or two for $8.